The machine is suitable for packing non sticky, bulk or granular material, such as medical pills, food Stuffs, plant seeds, washing powder, coffee, sugar, desiccant etc The integrated processes of bag making, measuring filling, sealing cutting, countingand hot pressing codes can be done automatically. Packing material include several kinds of heat seal lamination, such asPET/plated AL/PE, PET/PE, PAPER/PE,NYLON etc.

rated power360W
packaging speed15-25bag/min(It depends on the product)
Weighing scale1-50gram(adjustable)
margin of error0.2(It depends on the product)
Suitable for coilHeat seal bag coil material can be
categories of packingThree-sided sealing package
Dimension(L*W*H)600X 790X1780 mm3 (L*W*H)
Weight350 KGS