Packing weight500~1500 kg/bag (optional)
Packing speed20-50 bags/hour
Packaging accuracy±0.2-0.5 %
Dust leakage< 20 mg/m3
Working power supplyAC 380 V±5% 50 Hz
Air source pressure≥ 0.6MPa
Gas consumption≤ 0.1 m³/min
High Quality 1 Ton Bulk Bag Weighing Scales 500kg Packing Machine


Ton Bag packaging machine is suitable for big bag packaging, which is composed of buffer bin, platform, cylinder, weighing sensor, outfeed, lifting system, control system, etc.
The type selection of the packaging machine is determined according to the technical requirements of the customer’s material characteristics and production capacity. The material of the packaging machine is generally 304 stainless steel for the part contacting materials, and carbon steel for the other parts not contacting materials. The height and size of Ton Bag packaging machine are generally designed according to the actual situation of the customer’s production site. The lower conveying line can be matched with belt conveying or roller conveying according to the customer’s field demand.


1) The whole line is customized according to the customer’s specific needs and workroom present situation to make sure all the machine suit well for the customer;
2) The machine unit line adopts famous brand electrical parts like Mettler Toledo load cell / Banner Vacuum Generator / SMC Valve / Siemens PLC & Touch Screen etc. To ensure good machine performance for the customer;
3) The main packing machine shall be equipped with Steel Structure and the robot hand shall be equipped with a safety guard to ensure the worker’s safety;
4) The whole machine line shall build up a controlling cabinet for the connecting of all the machine lines;
5) The whole machine line just requires one to two-person for operating & normal checking which greatly saves the labor cost for the customer and increases the production efficiency.


Ton Bag Packing Machine Jumbo Bag Pack Machine can be used for Refractory Plant, Chemical Fertilizer Plant, flour Mill, Iron Plant, Steel Plant, dry Powder mortar Factory, cement Plant, bulk material Factory, Building material Factory, Premix Factory, etc

1 Ton Bulk Bag Weighing Scales 500kg Packing Machine