This packing machine can pack many materials such as potato, onions, garlic,coal briquette, ore, organic vitreous and so on. The machine has strong structure,stable and reliable performance, especially for packing potatoes and onions in agricultural sector, coal, ore and other large continuous weighing ball materials in mining industry.

The machine is equipped with counting device, which will ensure the precision of measurement. The inner side has the device to prevent block and collision,and to ensure the flow uniformly.
2.Main Structures:
2.1 Auto dosing filling system (belt feeder with inverter)
2.2 Auto weighing balance
2.3 Auto adjustable belt conveyor
2.4 Sewing machine
2.5 Electronic control cabinet and Computer Control cabinet
3.Flowing Process :
Manual bag placing – Auto filling – Auto weighting – Auto bag discharge – Auto bag conveyor – Bag sewed or sealed-Next round

Packing capacity2~4 bags/min
Weighing scale5-25kg
Packing size7CBM
Packing weight600kg
High efficiency Industrial Food pellet bagging machine Automatic quantitative sealing packaging scale mung bean and soybean