Bag Size(L)70-300mm(L)80-350mm(L)80-380mm(L) 200-400mm(L) 150-500mm
Bag Speed10- 70bags/min15- 60bags/min15-60bags/min10-50bags/min10-30bags/min
Film width120-420mm220-520mm220-620mm300-720mm340-800mm
Air consumption0.7Mps  0.5m3/min0.8Mps  0.4m3/min0.8Mps  0.4m3/min0.8Mps  0.5m3/min0.6Mps  0.7m3/min
Power supply2.2kw, 220V 50/60HZ2.5kw, 220V 50/60HZ4.0kw, 220V 50/60HZ4.5kw, 220V 50/60HZ4.5kw, 220V 50/60HZ

Advantage of Vertical Packing Machine: 

  • PLC controller with touch screen interface
  • Servo-driven end seal jaws
  • Servo-driven film transport
  • Hot printer and film feeding system synchronous
  • Quickly changing one-piece bag former
  • Eye mark sensor for film tracking
  • Stainless steel frame

The various packaging applications of Vertical Packing Machine:

***Free Flow Powders: Sugar, Salt, Pepper, Spices, Flour, Semolina, Milk Powder, Various Sorts Of Powders, Etc.(non-food: Detergents, Plaster, Talc, Chemical Additives).

***Granules & Seeds: Coffee Beans, Cocoa, Rice, Sesame, Seeds, Small Granules Etc.

***Dry, Frozen & Processed Foods: Snack Foods [popcorn/chips], Cereal & Health Foods.

***Confectionary, Biscuits & Bakery, Pasta, Grated Cheese, Nuts, Dried Fruits And Vegetables, Frozen Vegetables,Dried Mushrooms, Pet Food.

***Non Food: Medium- Nuts, Small Metal/plastic Items, Bolts, Washers, Auto, Electrical And Plumbing Parts Etc.