Empty can feeder→blowing machine→can turning machine→material chain buckets elevator
→14 heads weigher→rotary automatic filling machine→can sealing machine for metal bottom lid
Also can be connected with ink-jet printing machine/laser jet printing machine, box filling machine and packing machine.

Structure and performance specification:

  1. Auatomatic completion of material lifting, weighting, filling & canning, lid placing, can sealing, labeling and ink jet printing, also carton filling,packing.
  2. Selective assembly of full-automatic equipments with different configurations based on varies of customer requirements.
  3. Adoption of internationally or domestically famous brands for the inductive control devices or modules with stable and reliable performance and fairly low failure rate.
  4. Being suitable for sealing and bank cover of various plastic can, paper can and iron can with different specifications. The operation is easy to learn, thus it can be ideal devices for food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Applications: All kinds of granule material,grain material, sheet material, strip material and abnormity material which such as candy, melon seeds, chips, peanut, nutlet, preserved fruit, jelly, biscuit, confect, camphorball, currant, almond, chocolate, filbert, corn, Potato Crisps, pet foodstuff, dilatant foodstuff, hardware and plastic can be weighed by the ration.

This automatic filling weighing and packaging machine is suitable for packing granule, slice, roll or irregular shape materials such as candy, seed, jelly, fries, coffee granule, peanut, puffy food, biscuit, chocolate, nut, yogurt pet food, frozen foods, etc.

Measurement methodAuger filling
Packing speed20-60 bottles / min
Power 380v 50-60Hz,2.5KW
Filling weight10-5000g
Packing accuracy ≤±1.5g
Machine weight 500Kg
Feeding tank method Turntable to bottle (can)
Main machine volume 2000×1250×2000(MM)
Other services Can be customized according to demand
tea leaf weighting filling production line