Products Features:   Convenient to be operated.   Easy to be installed.

Function character:

1. Matching high precision sensor with high intelligent meter.

2. Self -adapted software, amending fall automatically, overrun alarming and inspecting trouble automatically

3. Automatic statistic function of the packing number and quantity

4. Print and data communication function.

5. Adopting import pneumatic actuator which is reliable, non-polluted and easy to be maintained.

6. The part touch the material use stainless steel which is safe, clean and not easy to be eroded and life of equipment is long.

Tech Data:

Weighting Extent(kg)2.5-25
Accuracy Grade0.2%F.S
(Weighting Speed(bag/h)300-420
Air Expenditure0.4-0.6Mpa 1M3/h
Gravity feeding type 2.5 kg-50 kg quantitative wheat/corn/rice packing weighing scales