Granule packing machinery is our company introduction of foreign advanced technology, and is improved and the production of a kind of high quality,high performance automatic packaging machine, complete automatic feeding,measuring,bag-making,deviation,filling,sealing,date printing and finished product output and a series of automatic functions.

2.The Granule Small Packing Machinery adopts high precision servo film transport system, PLC program control, developed touchable human-machine interface of advanced automatic positioning, photoelectric tracking,digital temperature control,etc.

3.Operation is more simple,perfect.It is the first choice of food packaging industry to improve the production efficiency,reduce labor intensity, improve the grade of packaging equipment.

Type5-50kg Granules Quantitive Pellet Package Machine Packing Scale
WeighingError 0.2-2%
ControlMethodPLC control
GasSupplyoil-free, dust-free instrument gas
Granules Quantitive Pellet Package Machine Packing Scale