Granule Packing Machines Automatic granule packing machine

Suit for the quantitative weighing of Popcorn, dry pasta, Meatball, Macaroni, hamburgers, oats, washing powder, puffed food, French Fries, biscuit, rice crust, jelly, candy, pistachio nut, apple flake, dumpling, rice dumpling, chocolate, hardware and medicine such particle, platy, strip and irregular shape.

Simple construct, reliable circulator, easy maintenance.
The machine adopt the screw pole putting material, adopting servo-code and the.microcomputer technology control is the main technology feature. Code.
Simultaneous control, sensitive action, low noise, outstanding, reliable measure,speed quickly, high precise soon. Another it can display the measure counter

Warranty and After-sale Service

  • 1 year warranty.

** Within warranty period, the repair or replacement of any faulty parts are free(Buyer pay the shipping charges).

*** After the warranty period the parts are offered at cost price

**** The price we quote doesn’t include the on-site installation and testing service,if you need , all the freight fare and accommodation will be paid by buyer