premade pouch bagger can be clarified  into 8 working stations and 6 working stations in terms of station amounts in one machine. Specifically, the whole processes are involved in the following stations:

 1. Pouch-picking Station (Required)
 2. Date-printing Station (Required)
 3. Pouch-opening Station (Required)
 4. Material-filling Station-1 (Required)
 5. Material-filling Station-2 (Optional)
 6. Air-exhausting Station (Optional)
 7. Matrial-detecting Station (Optional)
 8. Sealing and Outputting Station (Required)

Process Map for Baggers with 8 Working Stations
Notes: Required Station is necessary to complete the package.
Optional Station is made as per customer’s request, such as zipper-opening device, dual dosing systems, dual sealing configurations, gas flusing device, air exhausting device, and so on.
For baggers with 6 working stations, two optional stations will be omitted.

(1) Zipper-opening Device
(2) Dual Dosing Systems
(3) Two Different Sealing Stations
(4) Gas-flushing Station
Principle Features:
(1) Assembled with auger filler to achieve precise material measuring and filling;
(2) Assembled with screw elevator to achieve material lifting automatically;
(3) SIEMENS PLC & HMI Touch Screen;
(4) Equipped with frequency converter and SMC cylinder;
(5) Full 304# stainless steel construction;
(6) Wide application to various bag types and products;
(7) Self-diagnosis: No filling and nor sealing when it is detected that the bag is not open or not open completely;
(8) Auto-alarming if there’s something wrong with the air pressure or heating elements;
(9) Auto-break occurs when the machine stops to achieve self-protection;
(10) Bag width could be adjusted automatically by one button on the motor setup;
(11) Oil-free vacuum pump to avoid pollution;
(12) Customized zipper opening to avoid broken/ deformed bags;
(13) Perfect sealing and excellent appearance to improve product level;
(14) Conform to GMP and HACCP;
(15) Applicable bag material: Laminated films, monolayer PE films, PP, and paper.