Selectable types according to packaging materials

1. DCS-type packaging machine

2. Screw packing machine
3. Quantitative packing scale
4.Bottled packaging machine
5. Vacuum powder packaging machine

 1. DCS-type packaging machine.

   The machine uses linear feeding mode, two-level control valve, discharge by the material gravity. Weighing type uses hanging weight measurement and the lower weighing mode. It can adjust packing speed according to the material condition with the features of lower power consumption and adjustable precision.

2. Screw packing machine.

   Screw packing machine—have single-stage packing machine and multistage packing machine.

3. Quantitative packing scale.

  Quantitative packing scale – has several types of single-nozzle single bucket packing scale, single-nozzle double bucket scale, double-nozzle single bucket scale, double-nozzle double- bucket scale. It can packing for the material of granular, powder and ultra-fine powder.

4.Bottled packaging machine.

   This machine is comprised of  distribution hopper, lifting device, feeding device, turn off device, air bag bag-clipping device and control systems and other parts. It suitable for the powder processing with poor fluidity and large amount of dust.

5. Vacuum powder packaging machine.

   acuum powder packaging machine – has two types open vacuum packaging machine, and valve vacuum packaging machine.
The product is new type nano-powder vacuum packing machine based on international advanced technology and many years of experience. It is widely used for packing the micro power with poor fluidity and high air content.