Usage of the Cement Bag Packing Machine:

1.This Fully Automatic 25kg-50kg Bags Filling Cement Bagging Equipment Sand Packaging Plant Cement Bag Packing Machine is mainly used for the automatic filling of the cement bag, 
because of its stable performance, few parts, simple maintenance, low cost, 
economic durable,so it’s favored by manufacturer.
This cement bag packing machine uses spiral gray dragon spitting instead of the traditional impeller lose ground, pushing out gray ash fluently, more beneficial to the environment;
2, the vulnerability is few, need not pneumatic devices, greatly reducing equipment investment and maintenance cost;
3, controlled by computer measurement, high sensitivity, fully comply with the national standard;
4, a high degree of automation, such as filling, measuring, off bag, etc, all be continuous completion.
5, the optimization design, simple structure, convenient maintenance, sealed tight, not plugging, not jaming, not leak;

1.Screw type cement packing machine ; 
2.Reduce dust and environmental packing machine;
3.Auto-induction quantitative filling functions; 
4.Automatic counting and showing functions;
5.Automatic bag unloading function. 
6.Valve type filling mouths.
7.Accurate weighing system.