I. Main characteristic and structural features
1. There are advanced design, reasonable structure, adjust the operation and maintenance is very convenient.
2. Accurate servo film transport system, synchronous belt membrane, stable and reliable.
Saving time and film, for automatic adjustment function, improve the reliability and the intellectualized degree of the machine.
4. Equipped with a variety of automatic alarm function, maximum limit reduces the wear and tear.
5. The machine with the metering device, automatic feeding, metering, bag filling, date printing, inflatable (exhaust), the whole process of the finished product output.
II. The scope of application:
Scope of application: this machine can be with automatic weighing machine, measuring cup, measuring machine, artificial feeding conveyor, screw metering machine matching.Packing range, suitable for all kinds of powder granular and powder, block, strip objects packaging.

Type520Air consumption0.65Mpa
Bag length80-400mm(L)Gas consumption0.3m3/min
Bag width150-250mm(W)power voltage220VAC\50Hz
Max width of roll film520mmPower4KW
packing speed5-80bags\minDimension1440(L)X1216(W)X1796(H)mm
Measuring range3000mlNet weight600kg
Full automatic multi-purpose feeding&filling&sealing packing machine with 16 heads Scale

Automatic Computer Function Scale

*Applicable products: candy, melon seeds, potato chips, nuts, peanuts, nuts, dried fruit, jelly, frozen dumplings, biscuits, candied fruit, camphor ball, raisins, almonds, chocolate, nuts, grains, pet food, puffed food, hardware parts, plastic parts, etc. Various kinds of granular, sheet, strip, irregular shape of material quantitative weighing.
*The perfect combination of high precision high speed, through computer calculation from the top best          combination of the weight of rich combination of instantaneous.
* High precision digital weighing sensors to make accurate measurement in an instant.
* Avariety of language LCD screen operation system.
* Powerful automatic statistic, record each batch production of the total number of packages, percent of pass and single bag error indicators.
* Strong compatibility, installed directly in packing machine, structure is more compact.
* Save you a lot of raw materials and labor cost, quick return of investment.
* Net weight: 300 kg;Gross weight: 360 kg
* Voltage 220 v.Power: 1500 w;Frequency: 50/60 hz;Rated current: 9 a
* Outer packing size (mm) : bucket: 1040 * 730 * 730 mm host: 1090 * 1080 * 1080 mm = 1.0242 m3l