Machine Features
1,Requirement for high precision measurement and fragile packaging bulk goods, such as: puffed food, crispy rice, fruit chips,sweets, pistachio, apple slices, dumpling, chocolate, balloon, rubber, Screw the Nut hardware item, medicines etc.
2,Highly sensitive weighing sensor, with the highest measurement accuracy up to + / – 0.5g.
3, Anti-acid-base 304 stainless steel plate, meeting the standards of food SC certification and drug GMC.
4, The standard procedure is to make sheet metal parts by hand. The mounting error is as small as 1mm.
5,Can support a variety of bag size packaging.

Machine nameSemi-automatic linear scale weighing and packing machine
Machine type420
Package weight1-15KG(Different package weights and different machine models)
Bag width150mm≤500mm
Bag length250mm≤750mm
Bag materialComposite film material
Bag modelpouch
Packing speed30-40 packs / minute
Machine power220V/50Hz
Packing typeWooden packing
Four-head linear scale automatic measuring chocolate caramel candy granule plastic pouch packing machine

Suitable for packaging granular products such as flour, rice, coffee beans, soybeans, seeds,mung beans, bread crumbs, nuts, dog food, cat food,etc.