This is a scale for production raw material consumption statistics, or to control the loading of the trucks directly from silos, the balance must be programmable in defined amounts, for example, 30 tons, when it reaches the programmed amount, it should cut the flow, we have this DCS-50 model flow scale meter for you, and matched with the telescopic chute flowing tube.

It’s widely used in warehouse or manufacturing process for automatic continues totalizing weight and recording the total amount of free flowing granules, grains, etc. It’s suitable for differential proportioning for high precision control and measurement process-oriented measurement during transferring. It’s best suitable for the production control of materials consumed.

The working process is that, for example, you set 100kg per unit in the machine’s inner weighing measuring tank, then the machine will allow 100kg into the tank per time and then let it go down. And following measuring 100kg again and same process. The control part will record the total times of the set 100kg. Then calculate the total flowing amount.


1. Highly accurate weighing of the quantity of a given product stream Easy operation thanks to electronic control system;

2. Determination of flow rate Regulation of throughput

3. Specification of the total weight

4. Measurement of the total weight at high accuracy