Mainly used for the fully automatic high-speed measuring and packaging of powder and tiny particles:  industries like medicine, chemical, fertilizer, pesticide, additives, flour, and food etc.

powder packaging machine can achieve full automation in the process of weighing, filling and bag grabbing with high speed, high precision: to increase capacity and reduce manpower for customers.

From the process of weighing, bag grabbing and packaging, the packaging machine, whose driven core is composed of PLC programmable control system, servo motion system, pneumatic executing system, carries out functions of product-counting, date-printing, nitrogen filling ( air outlet),products conveying via man-machine interface of the liquid crystal touch screen.

To do easily the parameter-setting, parameter-revising via touch screen, which can memorize and store technical data for 10 different products. This makes it easier to interchange technical data for another of these products instead of additional resetting.

Pillow-shaped bag,  corner folded bag, hole-carrying bag, multi-bag can be made according to requirements.

According to customers’ requirements according to conditions of material and capacity, different feed types (such as horizontal screw feed) can be specially designed: packaging with bucket, non-bucket package or measuring cup.

Die and horizontal sealing for servo motor are equipped to packaging machine to ensure operation stability and flatness accordingly. In addition, it adopts optical fiber identification signal transmission, and has function of the high-precision encoder confirmation.