fully automatic straight feeding sleeve sealer adopts straight into and out design. Especially suitable for carton or larger items collection or single shrink wrapping.
•Sealing knife uses the special steel knife with Daikin Teflon which is anti-stick coating & anti-high temperature. So the sealing will not have cracking, coking and smoking.
•Imported photoelectric sensor, positioning accuracy, fast response.
•Adopt Panasonic PLC programmable controller and WEINVIEW 7-inch man machine interface, simple operation.
• The user-friendly control box makes the operation much easier.
•Equipped with pressure device makes sure the position is stable even for the light product during the procession.
•The sealing blade itself is also quipped with automatic protection function which effectively prevent from accidental cutting.
•The entire machine realizes unmanned operation with the production line connecting.
•Automatic mode and manual mode can be switched at any time which convenient to replace the shrink film.

•BS6040PE heat shrink tunnel adopts hot air circulation motor makes the hot air in the tunnel is even, constant temperature.
•The chain conveyor made of solid steel covered with imported durable silicone tube.
•With cold wind equipment which play an effective role in cooling.