Function: electronic sensor weighing, PLC weight display control.

Sewing Unit:

Sewing machine and liftable sewing machine column, the maximum sewing thickness is 8mm, the sewing speed is 1700rpm~1800rpm, the sewing stitch length is 6.5mm~11mm, the needle type is 80800×250#, the wire cutter is mechanical, the drive motor power 380v , 50Hz; the sewing machine can be set on the column of the sewing machine and the control switch of the reserved belt conveyor and the he adjustable height is suitable for the height range of the design package.

Belt feeding method is divided into fast, medium and slow feeding methods.

There are class, Nissan, and cumulative production information automatic storage functions.


Q1. Can I use the motor of your machinery in my country?

Motors are customized.It can be matched with 110/220/240/380/430V.

Q2.How long can I get the machine?

For example,by sea from China to Asia 10-20 Days; to Middle East 20-30days; Australia 20-30 days;North American 20-30days; South American 30-40 days; Europe 30-40 days;Africa 30-50 days.

Q3How to pay?

We support T/T; L/C; Western Union.

Q4.How to get the machine?

We deliver the machine to your nearest port or city and you pick up the machine.

Type5-50kg Filling packing machine Scale Beans Nuts
WeighingError 0.2-2%
ControlMethodPLC control
Power SupplyAC380V
Host Power0.9KW
Gas Supplyoil-free, dust-free instrument gas
Filling packing machine Scale Beans Nuts