1. More than 20 languages can be chose,parameter and function setting convenient with touch screen.
2.PLC intelligent control system,operation more steady without stopping machine.
3.Double frequency converter control, bag length can be set and cut at one step, saving time and film.
3. Self-diagnose function, all the fault will be display on the screen,easy to maintenance.
4. High sensitivity photoelectric eye color tracing, number input of bag size ,cutting position accurate.
5. Temperature independent PLC control, more suitable for packing different materials.
6. Positioned stop function, without sticking knife or wasting film.
7. Simple driving system, reliable working, convenient maintenance.
8. All control is realized through solfware, easy for function adjusting and technical updating.
Nice quality Automatic rolling belt vacuum packaging machine for small volume food for hot sale

Continuous Belt Type Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine from MULTEPAK is made of stainless steel. One piece vacuum cover. Conveyor belt, chains, etc. are made of stainless. Maximum durability. In response to the size of various products, we provide you a variety of specifications. Gas flushing,Injection Printing System and pump brand are optional.optional single, double sealing line,suitable for different size product.

The transmission chain is equipped with automatic lubrication, and the fuselage box plate can be easily removed, allowing you to intuitively face each part of the machine and work multiple passes, easy maintenance and cleaning
PRECISION Using Mitsubishi PLC programmable controller and Mitsubishi temperature control module American Banner color sensor. The film is transported by Mitsubishi servo control system. Can meet your high requirements, high performance and high precision
Equipped with German BUSCH200m3 / h high-vacuum vacuum pump, high-speed production up to 4 ~ 8 cycles per minute, reducing the operating cost of labor and equipment investment
Safety emergency switches throughout the fuselage and perfect seamless protection measures, longitudinal and transverse cuts are equipped with safety protection and systems and equipped with protective cover devices. Equipped with a leakage protection system,the equipment automatically cuts off power when the equipment leaks, protecting the personal safety of the operator
The whole machine adopts aluminum-magnesium alloy plate mold forming and stainless steel frame structure. It has high rigidity,high precision, and is not easy to deform. It meets hygienic requirements.

Cooling water0.5-3Bar
Packing speed3-6cycle/min
Max diameter of fill roll300mm
Forming and drawing depth≤10mm(Or Custom-made)