Fill-by-Weight High Accuracy Powder Filling Machine

The high accuracy powder filling machine is equipped with a patented online weighing system from packing scales factory. Multiple tests have shown that if the filling weight is 1000 grams, the filling error is within 2 grams or less.

The design of this machine complies with GMP standards. The architecture of a transparent house can effectively avoid dust pollution.
Usually, the high-precision powder filling machine is used to weighing and filling for milk powder and protein powder.


  • 1. Rotary star-wheel indexing device.
  • 2. Fill-by-Weight system, the filling error is within 2 grams or less.
  • 3. GMP compliant.
  • 4. CE and ISO approved.
  • 5. LCD touch screen, PLC and sevro system are brand of DELTA.
  • 6. Machine will automatic skip filling if without or lack container.
  • 7. This machine is equipped a easy-clean hopper.
  • 8. Servo drive system with high-speed and big torque to improve the filling accuracy.
  • 9. The plexiglass and frame make a transparent house to prevent dust pollution the filling powder.
  • 10. The dust removal device at the filling port (funnel) is optional.