Automatic packing scales also called pellet&powder packing machine, is applicable to weighing of all kinds of powder materials and pellet like rice, wheat, paddy, maize, Feed,, lump charcoal, spherical coal, charcoal ball, briquettes,ore, organic vitreous, sawdust,etc. that are granule material, and quantitative packing of finished products or semi-finished products from the industry of cereals, chemical, Light Manufacturing & Foodstuffs, etc.

ComponentFilling machineConveyerSealing machine
Speed5~6 bag/min15 bag/min1700 stitch/min
Fertilizer pellet scale packing machine
Filling range10-50kg
Voltage380v-50hz,can be adjusted
Fertilizer pellet scale packing machine
Machine size2200×800×2600mm
Package sizeAll kinds of bags
RemarksMachine can be customized
Fertilizer pellet scale packing machine

Automatic sewing machine It is suitable for woven bag, jute bag, paper bag, cloth bag, plastic bags, etc.