DCS-25  Fertilizer Packing Machine

1.high functional weighing controller.

2. fast sampling.

3.good control performance.

4.easy to operate.

5.the special mode of feeding with three kinds of speeds (fast,medium,and slow).

6..reliable function and easy to be installed.

7.matched with sewing machine and conveyor, which can achieve the sealing packing.

Applicaiton range:

The quantitative packing of granule  materials in foodstuff,cereal,feed,chemical industry etc.

Measuring  range0.2-1kg1-5kg2.5-25kg5-50kg10-100kg
Packing error0.2%F.S0.2%F.S0.1%F.S0.1%F.S0.1%F.S
Packing speed300-500bags/h300-500bags/h300-420bags/h≥300bags/h≥300bags/h
Size(mm) 1725*620*710(mm)1890*620*710(mm)2500*620*710(mm)2500*620*710(mm)2834*700*750(mm)
Fertilizer Packing Machine Price