Fertilizer Bag Stitching Machine|Fertilizer Bag Stitching Machine|Chemical Bag Sewing Machine

Fertilizer Bag Stitching Machine:

Rotating parts well balanced, with a unique and simple closed sell oil lubrication system, greatly extend the life of moving parts, reducing vibration and noise, reducing maintenance costs.

Specification of Fertilizer Bag Stitching Machine:

Bag Height300-1000mm,can be adjust by the demand.
Powersewing machine 0.37 KW, folding machine 0.15 KW, conveyor 0.55 K W
Packing range2.5-50kg
Voltage380 v / 50 hz
Transmission speed5-15m / min 300-600 bags / hour
Conveyor length3m, can be customized according to the production
Air pressure0.6 MP
Sewing threadcotton, polyester line (double)
Fertilizer Bag Stitching Machine Chemical Bag Sewing Machine