Performance Features:

1. Technical parameters

1Material of premade bagPremade PP woven Bag/Laminated film
 2Sealing Way1. Woven bag: Folding/sewing; 2. Kraft bag: Heat sealing/sewing; 3. Composite film plastic bag: Heat sealing
3Packaging specification  15kg-25kg/bag 
2Speed≤200 bags/hour
3Weighing accuracy±0.2%;
4ElectricityAC 380V*3,50Hz,(R.S.T.T+E1) E=Power Earthing E1=Device Earthing
6Air pressure0.5-0.7MPa
 Total air consumption0.5 Nm³/min
 Noise level≤75db(Detected 1m away)
 Surrounding temperatureIndoor 0~+40℃
7Overall dimensions2344mm L*2248mm W*3390mmH
Fertilizer Automatic Packaging Machine for rice bean wheat granule

2. Working progress:

Automatic bag taking          automatic bag opening             Automatic bag feeding & material auto filling          Bag automatic transferred by the conveyor            Auto bag sewing (folded)           Finished bag     

3. Machine components 

The unit consists of equipment bags library, take the bag rationale bag device, the mechanical hand bags, bag- cutting device, hold the bag pushing device , bag guides , vacuum system and control system components.

4. Machine Application

Widely used in the packaging of the granule materials, such as plastic compounds, recycled plastic materials. Capable of fully automatic operation in the production process of the bag supplying, taking, opening, bagging, weighing, filling, uploading, clipping, shaping, folding, sewing, sealing and so on.

5. Machine Features

Outer height 3.3m which is suitable for the workshop heights of most plastic compounds factories;

Small area occupied, little workshop upgrades;

High accuracy, wide weighing range;

Low power consumption, no special requirements upon working environment.