Packing MaterialUrea Granular or Similar Fertilizer
Packing Weight:10 – 50 kg
Packing Capacity:600 – 1200 Bags / Minute
Suitable Bag Type:PE Bag, PP Woven Bag, Kraft Paper Bag Etc.
Bag Width Range:400mm – 650mm
Bag Length Range:750mm – 1060mm
Weighing Accuracy:±0.5% According to material characteristics
Power Supply:220v-380V / 50HZ / 60HZ 1/3 Phase 5-10KW (Customized)
Technology Level:High Standard Level
Fertilizer Automatic 50KG Woven Bag Bagging Machine Line

Pre-sale Service

1.Offering comprehensive technical and business consultation services;
2.Proposing th e most suitable scheme and equipment for our clients;
3.Designing and fabricating targeted products according to the special requirements of clients;
4.Training periodically high qualified service technician.

Automatic Urea Granular Bagging Machine is specially designed for urea granular automatic material measuring, bag feeding, material filling, bag conveying sewing, bag mouth folding labeling and finished products take-off. Mostly the production line shall connect with the palletizing system for whole packaging line.