Technical parameter


Product name Fast delivery super 25kg sack bag filling machine for urea fertilizer
Model DCS-50 DCS-B50 DCS-50*2
Aplicable Granule materials such as animal feed, fertilizer, grain, rice, nuts, plastic particles etc
Weighing range 5kg-70kg or customized
Feeding mechanism Gravity feeder
Precision ±50-100g
Packing speed 180-240bags/hour 360-480bags/hour 500-600bags/hour
Voltage Single phase AC220V, three phase 380V, 50Hz, or customize
Power 1.1kw 1.1kw 1.1kw
Dimension 3000*1100*2100mm 3000*1100*3100mm 4000*1200*3600mm
Working environment -20℃-50℃


Fast delivery super 25kg sack bag filling machine for urea fertilizer suit for weiging filling bagging urea fertilizerfertilizerinto open mouth bags then closed by sewing or heat sealing. 

The weight from 10kg-70kg are available. packing range 120-180bags/hour, 240-360bags/hour and 400-500bags/hour

The bag can be closed by heat sealing for lining/plastic bags and sewing(thread stitching) for woven bags, paper bags, kraft bags, sacks etc.

Bag type:

Our packing machine can working with the automatic sewing machine closed the woven bags, kraft bags, paper bags or sacks by thread stitching and automatic thread cut.

Or the heat sealing machine for lining/ plastic bags sealing.


1, Installation 3pcs load cell, each load cell max weight 200kg, IP67 grade, high weighing accuracy, working more stable

2, Dual control system, the CHIMEI weighing instrument and PLC control system

3, Color touch screen HMI, easy operation

4, PLC system operation by 10″ touch screen

5, Installation 2pcs of proximity switch and 2pcs cylinder, bag clamp more tighter, more safe

6, Automatic bag sewing and sewing conveyor speed adjustable

7, Parts of famous brand, such as Delta, Schneider, CHNT, AirTAC