Based on years’ experience, we develop and produce this economical and efficient linear weight filler series according to different material nature, the weighing speed and accuracy is controlled through vibrator strength and material thickness, small invest, fast return, limited footprint, easy operation and maintenance, comparable speed and accuracy on big weight with multihead, popular with small and Mid-plant, save labor and material, enhance efficiency, 1head, 2head, 

From 2012, we have released our new generation ‘plug to run’ fool-operation control weigher. In this case, the weigher will auto study the material feeding amount according to the material feeding thickness and vibration to get exact weight. When we run the weigher, just press auto-study for about 2min, the weigher will get good accuracy and speed than old version. For the same material, just change the weight on the screen, all is done, the weigher will run automatically. 

Economic – High Speed – Reliable Performance, the innovation is special for granules, such like salt, rice , sugar, seeds, etc. Weighing range 1-3kg, weighing speed up to 20 ~ 60bags/min,mixed 1-6 different materials.


Typically packing granules, rice, salt, sugar, snack foods, pet foods, dried foods, nuts and pulses, tea and coffee nuts, food additives, dried fruit, grains, sesame, fertilizer, feed, fodder,etc.


 Full 304SUS building material;

Compact design with small footprint;

Tool-free install, dismantle and clean;

Auto learning model for easy-fool operation;

 Coarse and fine feeding material control;

New generation PLUG-TO-RUN run mode;

MCU + Touch screen control system;

Free parameter adjusting during running;

Self R&D interchangeable main PCB board control;

Independent Modular Controlling, easy for maintenance

Up to 10 product recipes preset;

 Mixed 1-6 different materials 


In-feed bulk material conveyor

 Protection glass enclosure

Support gantry/stand

Various size dump chute outlet

Enlarge size in-feed bunker

Linear feeder fine flap driven by motor

316SUS food contacting parts


Heads No.6
Weighing Range1-3kg per head
Max. Speed20-40M
Max. Product Size0.5cm
Weigh Hopper Capacity3000ml to each hopper
In-feed Loading Hopper50L
Control SystemMCU+ Touch Screen
Preset Recipes10
Max. Mixed Products6
Power SupplyAC220V ±10% 50Hz, 1Phase
Factory supply 30-40PPM high speed big weight 1-5kg electric weighing scale for free flowing sugar rice seed salt granules pack