Application :valve bag pouch packing machine

Suitable for valve port bag packaging of granular or flaky materials with great specific gravity and good liquidity as well as material product packaging ,such as packaging of ethoxy line resin, vibrin , plastic particle, black pigment granular  and etc .

Features :valve bag pouch packing machine

Adopt seat structure, simple installation, will not be affected by vibration in the surrounding environment ,installation period is short.

Structure parts is simple, maintenance cost is less.

Using target shortcut key input mode, operation is easy and simple, instrument with function of bags number & cumulative production

Technical Data :valve bag pouch packing machine

TypeWeighting (kg)Capacity (bag/h)voltageAir source(Mpa)Accuracy
DCS-2525-5080-150220/380V,as your requirement0.4-0.60.2 Grade
valve bag pouch packing machine