Automatic weighing packing machine is suitable for packing different kinds of product. Such as: Vegetables, bean sprout, leaves, sliced vegetable, broccoli, cucumber, puffed food, jelly, candy, nuts, potato chips, small hardware, medicinal materials, etc.

Slant Elevator with vibration feeder

Feeds the products to the elevator and

transport them to multi-head weigher

Multi-head weigher

Weighing and filling materials to 
packing machine

Packing machine transform roll film into bags

Roll film width320mm420mm520mm720mm920mm
Bag width20-150mm50-200mm80-250mm100-350mm100-450mm
Bag length40-190mm50-300mm80-370mm100-410mm100-500mm
Factory Price Grains Lentil Raisin Granular Granule Food Packing Machine


Q1: How to find a Packing machine suitable for my product?
Tell us about your product details and packing requirements.

  1. What product do you want to pack?
  2. The weight of each bag?
  3. Dimension of the bag(if you don’t have, send us a sample or draft drawing)

Q2: Can you send engineer service oversea?
Yes, and you need to pay.
According to save your cost, we will send you a video of the installation of the machine.