Main Features
New design, beautiful appearance, more reasonable structure, more advanced technology
Imported PLC computer control system, color touch screen, easy to operate, intuitive and efficient
Imported film transport system, imported color standard sensor, accurate positioning, excellent performance, beautiful packaging
Multiple automatic alarm protection functions to minimize damage
Diversified bag shape, can provide customers with pillow bag, pocket, hole bag, joint and so on
Touch screen and stable and reliable PLC control, bag-making, metering, filling, sealing, coding, bag-cutting one-time completion
The film is controlled by servo motor to realize high precision positioning and accurate size
External film release mechanism is adopted to facilitate the installation of packaging film
Vertical sealing and sealing process, automatic adjustment of deviation, greatly reducing labor intensity

Product Application
Suitable for puffed food, peanut, melon seeds,rice,white sugar,corn, biscuits and other granular solid materials packing. etc.

Film Width Max.420mm
Film Width (Bag Former)140-420mm
Bag Width65-200mm
Bag length80-300mm
Packing Speed5-50 bags/min
Packaging Film Materials Laminate plastic Film,such as OPP/CPP/OPP/CE/MST/PE etc.
Machine TypePneumatic Type
Factory price fully automatic 1kg 2 kg 3kg 5kg rice seeds soya beans packing machine