The material in the auxiliary silo is transported through the vertical trough. The advanced digital frequency conversion technology is adopted the fast, medium and slow three-speed feeding mode is adopted to ensure that the particulate matter is not leaked. The vertical trough is designed with a sandwich set to ensure the maximum material when falling into the weighing, the material produced in the weighing hopper is reversed through the interlayer, and then falls into the weighing hopper in the action of the gravity of the material itself. The weighing hopper is completed, the weighing hopper door is opened, and the material is automatically In the bag, the material is prevented from running into the atmosphere through the gap of the bag holder; the outside of the bag is equipped with a dust removal port, and a very small amount of dust that will run out of the gap between the bag mouth and the bag holder is collected in the dust collector, collect after filtration.

The cut-off door is installed on the discharge opening of the vertical trough. When the weighing is finished, the cut-off door is automatically closed to prevent the material from dripping and affecting the accuracy. Automatic start, automatic peeling, automatic air volume compensation. If the weight of the material in the bag is too poor, the packaging machine will give an alarm.

Technical parament

Weighing range:10-50kg 

power supply:AC380  220.50HZ(adjustable)


Packing speed:180-240bgs/hr