High Precision Semi Auto 1-50kg Vertical Granule And Powder Packaging Weighing Machine
DCS series quantitative packing scale is mainly applicable to powder materials, granule materials, mixed materials, and can be widely used in flour mills, rice mills, feed mills, oil mills, chemical cement fertilizer and other industries.The main structure is composed of quantitative weighing body, computer controller, conveyor and sewing machine.It features high weighing accuracy, fast speed, good stability, exquisite structure and beautiful appearance.The operation is divided into pneumatic and electric.The feeding system can be divided into wring dragon feeding, belt feeding, bucket less electromagnetic vibration feeding and so on.According to the production requirements can choose simplex or double – station quantitative packing scale

Application:Semi-automatic weighing scale 10-50kg granule feed packaging machine suitable for Weiging filling bags of grain, wheat and corn sugar into open-mouth bags and then closing sewing or heat sealing.The weight can range from 1kg to 50kg.Packing range :100-180 bags/hour, 240-360 bags/hour, 400-500 bags/hour .Bags available, woven bags, paper bags, cowhide bags, gunny bags and other sewing (sewing) sealing.