1.Multi-Function 50-500 powder packing machine in high quality:

The machine adopts the combination of screw filling and electronic weighing feedback, which has automatic quantitative automatic filling, automatic correction error, counting and cleaning, etc.Suitable for compound condiments such as spicy fresh, natural spices (13), food additive, flavor spices, flour, milk powder, protein powder, solid drink, white sugar, monosodium glutamate, pesticides, veterinary drugs, washing powder, enzymes, feed additives, chemical industry, new building materials and other powder (powder, superfine powder), quantitative packaging powder mixed materials, quantitative filling.

Features of powder packing machine: 

It is suitable for the quantitative filling of various bottles, cans and bags

Photoelectric induction feeding, also optional foot switch material

The scale division value is adjustable to meet multiple precision needs

The filling motor speed can be adjusted to meet the requirements of various materials

Full stainless steel material, with the feeding machine can realize automatic material position control

Function of powder packing machine:

Automatic error correction

Weight loss alarm

The product count

Techinal parameter of powder packing machine:


Measurement range :10-500 g

Packing speed :1200-3500bags/min

Packaging accuracy: ± (0.2% -0.5%).



Dimensions: 690×1060×1900mm

This machine is suitable for automatic feeding or horizontal transportation of powder and powder mixture

Feature of powder screw conveyor:

1.Automatic control of material level, when no material, automatic feeding and automatic stop

2.The feeding spiral fast-loading structure, convenient and quick disassembly cleaning

3.Be equipped with the back switch,it’s more convenient to cleaning

4.The hopper is equipped with a vibrator and the feeding is more smooth

Technical parameters of powder screw conveyor:

Feeding speed: 2-6 m³/h

Feeding tube diameter: 114mm

Elevation height: 1.7m (special height can be customized)

Dimensions: L*W*H 2300 x 800 x 1700mm

Power: AC380V·1.2KW

We can send  the powder packing machine to your port !

(you we can send the machine to your named port  from any port of China .(of course , Qingdao will be the best choice for us ! )