This machine adopts speed two speed spiral feeding, pneumatic clamps the hand automatic bag clamping, electronic weighing filling. Can realize the automatic filling and automatic quantitative, high precision. Applicable to all kinds of powder, powder mixed powder material weighing and filling, such as: fertilizer, additives, flour, milk powder, washing powder, solid drink, sugar, monosodium glutamate, compound seasoning , natural seasoning, enzyme preparation, feed and other powder (powder, superfine powder), quantitative filling powder mixed. Material.

Main features

  1. Machine material is stainless steel . All can contact with the power is 304 stainless steel . Meet the GMP standard; Corrosion resistant chemical products packaging
  2. PLC touch screen interface :PLC works stably .anti-interference ,High precision weighing
  3. Designed to packaging of stepless adjustable at any time, working status at any time any transformation, the operation is convenient
Model DCS-5
Weighing range1-5000g
Packing speed1200-3500 bags/h
Feeding speed2-6cm3/h
precision accuracy±0.3%