We offer you this digital vacuum packing machine, by using plastic composite film or plastic foil composite film as the packaging materials, it can be used to vacuum and pack food, grain, fruit, preserved fruit, chemical medicine, medicinal materials, electronic elements, precise instrument, rare metal, etc. Whether liquid, solid, powder or paste, all can be packed by this machine. Vacuum packaging can effectively prevent the packed products from oxidating, mildewing, worm-eating, rotting or damping caused by the oxidation of the lipid and the propagation of the aerobic bacteria. The shelf life of the product (commodity) is prolonged to keep the quality. As for some goods in large quantity, it will reduce the packaging volume by vacuum packaging for easy transport and storage. Moreover, our product is constructed of transparent plexiglass, so the packaging process is fully displayed to you. Our product is definitely your best choice.
Note:There is no vacuum oil or vacuum bag inside.

Motor Power180W
Sealing Power300W
Chamber Dimensions340*300*70MM/13.4*11.8*2.8INCH
Sealing Length260MM
Vacuum Pump Rate1.8L/H (0.5 Gallons/H)
Material of Vacuum ChamberStainless steel
Item Dimensions380*480*400MM/15.4*18.9*14.7INCH
Item Weight:30KG/66LBS
Digital Vacuum Sealer Food Vacuum Sealing Packing Machine
  • Brand new condition with high quality
  • Stainless steel body, durable, safety and easy to clean
  • The industrial vacuum pump has an excellent suction volume of 1.8L / H (0.5 Gallons/H) – thus the shortest possible packaging times are guaranteed
  • The vacuum process starts automatically after closing the cover – the control panel does not have to be touched
  • Suitable for food, meat, medicines and other sensitive goods to be protected by sealing
  • Features small size, low power consumption, short pumping time, etc., suitable for packing small items
  • Perfect for home or commercial use
  • Comes with 2 years warranty