Multi Head Scale Granular Biscuit Popcorn Dry Fruits Granule Weigher Packing Machine Fertilizer Packing MachineProduct Description

Main Features

1: Use the method of weighing with a bucket;
2: Adopting multi-stage feeding mechanism, the weighing range is wide, and the speed and precision of the maximum and minimum weighing can be guaranteed.
3: The weighing control system is designed according to the requirements of IP54 (dustproof and waterproof).
4: The unit is composed of automatic weighing machine, conveyor, sewing machine and automatic control box.
5: Choose and purchase devices: various devices are freely selected (conveyor, sewing machine, air pump).

Factory price salt bag seed sugar sachet medicine bio fertilizer packaging filling machine 

Scope of application: High-speed quantitative separation of crystals, granules, loose and small pieces of materials with good fluidity in fertilizer, agrochemical, feed, chemical raw materials, plastic granules, seeds, grain, sugar and other industries.