Double scale semi automatic grain packing machine


This double scale semi automatic grain packing machine is mainly suitable for granule, including all kinds of small particles mixed material. Such as: pesticide, fertilizer, salt, veterinary medicine, health care products, dyes, chemical products, food ingredients, additives, micronutrient fertilizer, rice, washing powder, medicine powder, etc.

1.The gap and precision tracking technology, the machine itself has its own function of error correction, in order to obtain higher repeatability, precision is higher

2. double scale two weighing blanking independent system unit, with multi-stage electromagnetic vibration feeder.
3. electronic scale measurement, ensure the accuracy

4. According to the features of the material size adjustable blanking unit, realize the fast feeding, slow loading adjustment, in order to get higher packing speed and accuracy
5. open institutions is the motor to open the door, have the effect of low noise.
6. The feeding tank has adjusting damper, used for adjusting the flow rate of the feed material as much as possible in order to improve the packaging speed

7. parts contacting with materials are all made of stainless steel cleaning convenience, prevent cross contamination
8. Completely separate $is strong, weak current road, strong anti-jamming capability
9. packaging range: the range 50-1000 grams, it can achieve the same device of the inner packing.
S photoelectric control, simple operation, the mouth clean, easy to seal
10. optional automatic feeding system, realizing the real-time control of material level, automatic feeding

Technical parameter

Packing range300-2000g1000-6000g
Packing error±0.2-0.5%
Packing speed0-30bag/min0-30bag/min
Machine size100x65x190cm150x80x230cm