Features :
Automatic Processing Of Vacuuming, Sealing, Printing, Cooling
Widely Used In Vacuum Packaging For Food, Pharmaceutical, Aquatic, Chemical And Electronic Industries. It Can Prevent The Products From Oxidization And Mildew, As Well As Corrosion And Moisture, Keeping The Quality And Freshness And Prolonging The Storage Time. It Provides a Perfect Solution For The Food Safety And Kitchen Cooking, Offers a Convenient Service.

Operations, steps
1.After checking before starting, turn on the power.
2.Set the exhaust time, heat seal time meter heat seal temperature gear (low, medium, high)
3.Put the packed articles into the vacuum chamber, lift the pressure rod membrane and press it on the bag mouth.
4.Press down the vacuum cap. The packing procedure starts with air exhaustion and then goes to heat sealing until the vacuum cap pops up automatically. The packing process ends.

Matters needing attention
1.Be familiar with the contents of this manual before operation.
2.The machine should be installed horizontally. The environment is well ventilated and there is no corrosive gas around it.
3.The power supply of the machine should be grounded to ensure the safety of power consumption.
4.Check whether the random accessories are complete or not according to the packing list after opening the box, and check whether the screw in each part of the machine is loose.
5.Before start-up, add proper amount of lubricant to each moving part and hole position and oil nozzle. (See page 5 of the instructions or consulting customer service, there are professional technicians to solve the problem for you.)
6.Check the sealing high-temperature tape of the heat-sealing bracket regularly, and keep it clean and free of foreign bodies to ensure the sealing quality.