DCS series semi-automatic bagging machine

Application Scope

Granule or puffy granule material with fine flow ability, such as rice, peanut, aginomoto, seeds, sugar, feeds, medicine,washing powder and so on.

Technical parameters

ModelWeighing ScopeSpeed
DCS-50.5-5kg10-15 bags/min
DCS-255-25kg8-10 bags/min
DCS-5020-50kg4-7 bags/min
DCS-10040-80kg8-12 bags/min
DCS series semi-automatic bagging machine

NOTE: Machine can be designed as per your actual production requirements.

Product Characteristics

1.    Material feeder can automatically regulate according to different material proportion with high speed

2.    Independent weighing sensor and work more stable with high sensitivity

3.    Brief operating screen which is easy to use

4.    With calibration procedure and accurate weighing sensor

5.    Hopper is sealed by glass cover, design of high performance dustproof, reducing pollution of the workshop

6.    Hopper is easy to be dismantled which makes clearing work easier