Product name10-50kg sunflower seeds roasted peanuts packing machine
Weighing range10kg-50kg or customized
Feeding mechanismgravity feeder
PrecisionX(0.2%) or +/-100g
Output(bags/hour)180-240, 360-480, 500-600
Air consumption0.5-0.8Mpa
Bag sealheat sealing or sewing(thread stitching)
DCS gravity feeding automatic sugar rice bagging machine,packing scale


10-50kg sunflower seeds roasted peanuts packing machine are used to weighing and packing granules materials such as animal feed, granule fertilizer, urea, seed, rice, sugar, beans, corn, peanut, wheat,PP, PE, plastic particles, almond, nuts, silica sand etc. The weight from 10kg-70kg are available.

The bag can be closed by heat sealing for lining/plastic bags and sewing(thread stitching) for woven bags, paper bags, kraft bags, sacks etc

Bag type:

Our packing machine can working with the automatic sewing machine closed the woven bags, kraft bags, paper bags or sacks by thread stitching and automatic thread cut.

Or the heat sealing machine for lining/ plastic bags sealing.


1, Gravity feeder with three stroke air cylinder, provide three grade feeding speed with fast feeding-medium feeding-slow feeding, more fast, more high precision

2, Installation 4 pcs load cell, each load cell max weight 250kg, IP67 grade, high weighing accuracy, working more stable

3, Dual control system, the CHIMEI weighing instrument and PLC control system

4, Color touch screen HMI, easy operation

5, PLC system operation by 10″ touch screen

6, Installation 2pcs of proximity switch and 2pcs cylinder, bag clamp more tighter, more safe

7, Automatic bag sewing and sewing conveyor speed adjustable

8, Parts of famous brand, such as Delta, Schneider, CHNT, AirTAC