DCS Electronic Automatic Weighing Packing Machine

1) Function: auto control quantitative weighing and packing
2) Application: granular materials such as cereal grains and seeds, feed, spices, and chemicals.
3) Weighing range: 1.0~65.0 kg

LM-DCS series bagging packing scales (auto packing machine) combine automatic electronic quantitative weighing with packaging in one machine. The machine can also combine with conveyor, bag-sewing machine or sealing machine, forming automatic quantitative, bagging, sewing or sealing packing line for various materials.

Application of DCS Electronic Auto Packing Scale

DCS series bagging scales (auto packing machines) are applicable to free-flowing granular materials packing, such as rice, maize, wheat, soybean, cotton seeds, grass seeds, monosodium glutamate(MSG) seasoning, sugar, vitamins, feedstuff, amino acid, urea and other granulated chemicals.

Working enviroment requirement: -10℃~+40℃, relative humidity: ≤90%.