DCS-50 series rice bagging machine 5kg rice packing machine scale machine for rice packing and weighting

Scope of application

Rice, seed, feed, fertilizer, chemical raw materials, sugar and other industries of high speed quantitative packaging

DCS-50 series electronic quantitative packing scale

Functional features

Automatic sewing, automatic breakage, automatic typing, automatic lifting function of conveyor

Weighing range(kg)5-50
Scale value(g) 2
Weighing error0.1% F.S
Weighing speed(bag/h)<600
working environment   powered byRelative humidity ≤90%,4N-AC380V 50Hz
Power consumption  Gas consumption1.1kw  0.4-0.5 Mpa Compressed air 0.7m3/h
Dimensions L x W x H(mm)2516×888×2651
DCS-50 series rice bagging machine

Note: the weighing velocity refers to the data when the rice is packed in the specified conditions.

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