Characteristic of DCS-50 poultry feed packing machine 

1.      belt-type feeding apparatus, it is suitable for not only powder but also granule material, have wide adaptability of the materials, it can pack the material which has bad fluidity.

2.      self-adapting software with the functions of controlling parameter auto-setting. Error auto-modifying ,ex-error alarming and malfunction self-testing etc.

3.      adopt inverter control, has wide measuring range, high accuracy,  conveyor and sewing machine which can rise and down according to the mesa,  one machine  in more use, high efficiency.

4.      adopt imported load cell and pneumatic apparatus,work reliably and easy to maintain.


Measuring range 10-40kg
Packing error                      0.1%F.S
graduation                        10g
Packing speed                    240 bags/h
Power supply and air supply4N-AC 380V 50HZ  0.4-0.8Mpa   1 m3/h
Size         1050mm*620mm*3300mm
Executive apparatus            Pneumatic  apparatus
Accuracy                 0.2