Product Name:25 Kg Feed Bagging ScaleWeighing Range:25 Kg 50 kg
Packing Speed:30-100 Bags / HourAccuracy:Generally (+/- )0.2%
electronic packing scale

DCS-25 Feed Bagging And Packing Machines / 25 Kg Automated Packaging Line

What is 25 kg electronic packing scale? 

Electronic packing scale consists of weighing unit, sewing machine, conveying device, pneumatic system, dust removal system, quantitative packing control, etc. the whole weighing process is controlled by PLC and completed automatically.

The parameter and function table :

 DCS-25  electronic packing scale
Scope of application
Suitable materialsPowder and thin granule of good Air affinity
Suitable packing containerOpen mouth bag
Feeding typeGravity 
Alternative feeding type
Technical parameters
Weighing range(Kg)25
Packing speed(bag/H)30-100
Packing AccuracyGenerally (+/- )0.2%(Note: special materials shall depend on the industrial standard)
electronic packing scale