200-400bags/hour corn starch automatic filling packing machine, corn flour auto packing scale, flour auto packager

Automatic Powder quantitative packaging scale/packing machine/packer scale:

Including: auto weighing machine+conveyor+sewing machine+control box.

Motors: Siemens

Electrical components:Schneider

Air cylinder: AitTac

Quality warranty: 1 years. Motors: 5 years.

powder packing machine is used for automatic packing flour, starch, powder feed, powder food, powder chemical products, medicine and so on. It is composed of: weighing machine, feeding machine, frame, control system, conveyor, sewing machine, etc., optional folding machine, automatic sealing machine and dust collector.

1.Packing range: 10-25 kgs/bag.

2.Division value: 10 g.

3.Packing speed: 200-300 bags / hour(according to packing materials).

4.Packing precision: 0.2%F,S.

5.Working environment: relative humidity less than 90%.

6.Compressing air: 0.4~0.8MPa, max air consumption: 1.0 m³/min.