Automatic Electronic Scale Packing Machine

Features :

1,electronic and automatic scale
2,high calculating precision
3,easy to operate

Applicable packaging material:

applicable to woven bag, sacks bag and cloth bag and plastic bags, etc.

Applicable products:

compound fertilizer, BB fertilizer, grain, seed, chemical industry, etc.
Applicable materials:

particle materials, powder materials, mixing materials

Specification :
*It mainly consists of automatic weighing device , conveyor , sewing package devices , computer-controlled four major components . It is Suitable for quantitative packing powder loaded materials .

*This machine adopts advanced microcomputer control processing technology, double-level laying-off control, which increases speed and accuracy, this machine is made of laying-off control devices, fixed bags and weighing control system. The part contacting with material adopts 304 stainless steel to improve corrosion resistance.

FunctionPackingPermissible Error0.1%
Raw Material ShapePowder/GranulePower2.2kw
Packing Speed10-12s/bagSealing methodSewing/Heating
Packing Weight Range25-50kgs/bagAdvantageEasy to install
automatic electronic scale packing machine,Accurate Rationed Packing Scale Machine