Linear Coffee Capsule Filling & Sealing Machine is automatic high-speed sealing machine. From drop cups, filling, put the film, print dates, twice sealing to out are all automatic operation. The electrical and pneumatic components are all using famous brands ( can be also customized by customers’ requirements), with stable quality, long life. It is mainly used in the products packing like: coffee powder, milk powder, rice, wheat powder and so on.


  1. The whole machine with advanced design, reasonable structure, reliable performance.
  2. Automatic operation, the production rate can be adjustable, simple and safe operation, increase productivity, reduce labor costs.
  3. Photocell eye calibration, ensure the accuracy of filling.
  4. Twice of sealing, the pressure of sealing can be adjustable. Can be sealed according to customer’ requirements for easy to tear and not easy to tear, which embodies a higher level of human design.
  5. The sealing edges are smooth and flawless.
  6. The machine can be customized according to customer’ needs and add other auxiliary functions.
Filling Capacity5-30ml5-30ml5-30ml5-30ml5-30ml
Total Power4KW4.5KW5KW5.5KW6KW
Air Consumption0.65 cubic meters/min0.68 cubic meters/min0.70 cubic meters/min0.73 cubic meters/min0.78 cubic meters/min
Temperature Range0-300℃0-300℃0-300℃0-300℃0-300℃
Machine Weight800KG900KG950KG1000KG1100KG
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