DCS Series Automatic Packer/Packing Scale/Packing Machine

Main Features:

1. Widely used for various granular products.

2. It can be weighing, auto filling and bags clothing.
3. Easy to be in stalled and convenient to be operated.

Function character:

1. Matching high precision sensor with high intelligent meter.
2. Self -adapted software, amending fall automatically, overrun alarming and inspecting trouble automatically 
3. Automatic statistic function of the packing number and quantity 
4. Print and data communication function.
5. Adopting import pneumatic actuator which is reliable, non-polluted and easy to be maintained.
6. The part touch the material use stainless steel which is safe, clean and not easy to be eroded and life of equipment is long.

Technecal Parameter:

Weighting Extent0.2-11-52.5-255-5010-100
Accuracy Grade0.2%F.S0.2%F.S0.1%F.S0.1%F.S0.1%F.S
China Best Automatic Rice Packaging Machine Weighting Extent 5~50 kg