LCS serises packaging machine designed for granular, flake, and fluid powdery materials. It has high weighing accuracy, simple and convenient operation, strong stability, and complete functions. It can be widely used in the quantitative packaging of grain (such as corn, rice, millet, wheat, mung bean, soybean, etc.), sugar, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, salt, urea, compound fertilizer, and micro-fertilizer.

Our packing machine can automatically switch to different feeding system according to different raw material.

1.Gravity feeding system, also known as free-blanking, for good mobility material,s such as grains, urea, sugar, salt and so on.
2.Electromagnetic vibrating feeding system for mobility of large particles or granules and mixed powder materials.
3.Screw feeding system for poor liquid materials, such as flour, fine powder, etc.