automatic high speed cannabis filling packaging machine with combination scale

echnical specificaton:

Specification of standard packing machine
Item NO.Model No.520
1Packing materialOPP/CPP  OPP/CE  PET/PE  NILO/PE  PE
2Material304 Stainless Steel
3 (special material packaging can provide 316 stainless steel material selection)
4Bag Width150~250mm
5Max width of the Film520mm
6Packing Speed5~50 Bags/Minutes
7Bag measuring range6000mL
8Air pressure0.65MPa
9Air consumption0.7m³/min
10Electric Voltage 220ACV / 50HZ
12Product Size1795(L)×1150(W)×1650(H) mm
14Warranty1 year
16Vulnerable partsfilm-drawing belt,thermocouple,high temperature tape,cutter
17Optional deviceBarcode printer,Hole punching device(Pinhole,Round hole,The butterfly hole),Linking bag control device,Air-filling device,Air exhaust device,Tear notch device,Nitrogen inflation device,Gusset bag
filling packaging machine

Product application: 

candy, melon seeds, jelly, frozen products, seafood, frozen fish and shrimp, frozen french fries, potato chips, meatball, pet food, puffed food, pistachio nuts, barbary wolfberry fruit, peanuts, almonds, raisins, tablet, herb, tea leaf, sugar, salt, rice, fruit, salad, screw, iron nail, powder, sheet, strip, round and irregular shape materials etc.