Bulk particle filling machine for 1-25kg grains

Product Features:

This particle filling machine is suitable for the granular materials, irregular material. It adopts pneumatic gate feed or belt feeding and with the advanced non – pole frequency conversion technology.

It contains the automatic weighing and packing machine, conveying device, sewing machine, feeding machine. There are the advantages of reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, convenient operation, and accurate weighing.

1. The use of non bucket bag weighing metering, gate discharge, more energy saving.

2. Full stainless steel production technology, PLC control technology, easy to operate.

3. Independent suspension sensor, signal transmission and stability, to ensure the accuracy of weighing.

4. Host operating interface using electronic screen or LCD touch screen, convenient customer choice.

Technical Specifications

Packing Range1-5KG
Packing Accuracy±0.2%
Packing Capacity≥720bags/hour
Division Value5g
Power SupplyAC220V 0.6kw
Air Consumption0.4-0.8Mpa, 1m3/h